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Netscape installation problems


I am trying to install Netscape 3.01 on my Debian system.  The machine
running debian has no connection to the Internet, so to transfer files
to the Debian box, I have to first download them onto my PowerMac, and
then transfer them over my local network.  The mac doesn't like the name
"netscape-v301-export.x86-unknown-linux-elf.tar.gz", and so truncates it
to "netscape-v301-export.x86-unknow."  I transfered the file to the
Linux box, and then attempted to run the Debian netscape installer, and
got the following message:

ERROR: The Netscape archive must be in /tmp under the name:

       Do NOT simply rename the archive of another version in order to
       force it to install with this package.  It will not work.

       Archive files can be found on ftp.netscape.com.

dpkg: error processing netscape (--install):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:

How can I get around this, short of setting up a modem on the PC, or
running a DHCP program (like VirtualSurfer, which is a $150 piece of
commercial software) on the Mac?

Hint: I'm looking for someone who can give me detailed instructions on
editing netscape_3.01_1.1.deb's preinstallation script so that however
it's checking that the name's been changed is suppressed (since the name
is the ONLY part of the original archive that has been changed).

Dave Neuer

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