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Re: Linux for sale

>> Absolutely.  Linux also needs marketing, marketing, and more marketing.
>> I can only think of one business need that Linux based systems don't
>> support - OCR.  Everything else is available.

> stick@richnet.net writes:
> In terms of marketing, I went into two computer "superstores" the other day.
> Lo and behold, I found LINUX for sale in both chains. In a MS dominated sales
> enviroment, I thought I'd never see Linux available. Anyhow, one chain offered
> Red Hat Linux; the other offered "Professional Linux". The Professional
> package (Walnut Creek) included Debian, Red Hat, and Slackware distributions.

For curiosity, what were the names of these two "superstores"? I 
don't think I have seen Linux being sold in any stores here... (Mass.)

Linux seems to be getting very strong in the book area, however. In
places like Barnes and Nobel, seem to be nearly as many Linux books
as those dedicated to Unix in general. Since many include
distributions on CDs, still probably one of the main ways for people
"not in the know" to get Linux...



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