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Re: kernel source?

> kernel with my eyes closed. I've decided to give Debian a try, and
> everything's been going well. Here's my one problem. I selected to install
> the kernel-source for 2.0.29 and 2.0.30 from my new 1.3.1 cd using dselect.
well.. I only installed kernel-source for 2.0.30...
maybe you forgot to access the cdrom while using dselect...
in dselect, use the first option to access the cdrom, and you have to 
umount your Debian CDROM first...
or you can mount it first, and run dselect, and in the first option,
choose 'mounted' and type in the directory you mounted your CD.

> #1 Where is this source?
the kernel source is still at /usr/src/linux

> #2 Do I still compile using the make config like before?
yes, just as before...:)

> #3 If I just pull the kernel source via ftp, can I compile like before
> (slackware) or do I risk damaging any of Debian's package management features?
i dont know... but i dont think so....
dpkg deals nothing with kernel....

Jack Chung

Email: whchung@mail.ncku.edu.tw

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