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Re: Devices?

In message <Pine.SOL.3.95q.970829001057.6580A-100000@rac7.wam.umd.edu>, writes:
  >Thanks for the help I'm able connect now just by using 'pon' after reading
  >the README.debian in usr/doc/ppp.
  >But I'm still puzzled by devices for starter when I boot up Linux I get
  >the message:
  >	...
  >	/dev/ttyS0 at 0x03f8 (irq=4) is a 16550A
  >	/dev/ttyS1 at ?x???? (irq=3) is a 16550A
  >	...
  >I believe 16550A is a type of modem right? 

No. The 16550A is the UART chip in your serial I/O interface.

  >               But a couple of lines after
  >this messages comes:
  >	...
  >	Starting mouse interface server: gpm -m /dev/ttySO -t bare
  >	...
  >I have a PS/2 mouse how come it needs a serial driver? Are PS/2
  >devices and serial devices the same (My mouse works fine). And if
  >/dev/ttyS0 is a modem why is the mouse using this device?  Can someone
  >make any sense of these?

If you have a PS/2 mouse, this line is wrong and will be causing problems.
The correct device is /dev/psaux.  You have gpm looking at your first
serial port for a mouse, which it won't find.

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