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Re: Applixware

In article <slrn602rt4.dn3.fax@bartlet.df.lth.se> you wrote:
: On Mon, 25 Aug 1997 06:56:55 -0400, Tom Malloy <tmalloy@idt.net> wrote:
: > Is anyone using redhats applixware on debian?  How is it?  The install
: > difficult? Is it worth buying?  I want to migrate away from msoffice and
: > use linux exclusively if possible.  Thanks
: > 
: Try out StarOffice before you decide which office suit to use together
: with Linux. I have found it very nice ... and version 3.1 is free if
: you use it in a non-commercial purpose.
: Check it out at:
: http://www.stardiv.de/
: I don't think you'll find any difficulties installing Applixware. If
: I'm right there is an non-rpm installation included on the cd.

I've had a play around with StarOffice; the main reason I didn't get it
is because I don't have a 'Net connection at home, and the prospect of
lugging everything back on 1.44MB floppies doesn't really appeal. I've
forked out $99AUS for the student edition of Applixware; it's nice. Very
nice. My only beef: the non-rpm installation tries to install everything
into /opt. Not a good move, especially since my 30MB root partition only
had 15MB free....

I ended up test driving Redhat for a while on my /home partition (don't
ask, please); whilst I was dding that, I installed Applixware somewhere
in /usr/local. (under Debian, that would have been /home/usr/local/ ...
as I said, don't ask :)

Tar it up, untar it into the Debian /usr/local heirachy, and everything is
happy happy joy joy. (with some script editing, of course.) One of these
days, I might get around to doing some work on an installation package. In
my Copious Spare Time, naturally. ;)

Version: 3.1
GCS d-(++) s+:- a-- C++>$ UL+++(++++)>++++$ P-(---) L++(+++)>+++$ !E---
W+(--)>-- N+(++)> o+>++ K- !w--- !O- !M- !V- PS+ PE Y(+) PGP+>+++ t 5 !X
!R tv-(--)>! b++(++++)>++++ DI+(+)>++++ D++(---) G+ e++ h>++ !r>+++ y?

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