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Re: Debian only like larger businesses

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997 17:15:00 +0200, Joost Kooij wrote:

>I find it very hard to believe that Bruce is acting on himself. I firmly 
>believe that his decisions are based upon serious discussions between

No developer has yet to post that the new 'policy' of backlogging rev numbers was 
discussed and decided on the devel list.

>developers. At least, that is what the outcome of most discussions point
>at: many people agree with the decisions made and they appear to have
>arguments in most cases.

Not in this case.

>It is pretty ridiculous to just finger-point at Bruce. Partly because it 
>disregards his efforts, but mostly because it disregards Debian and the 
>way it happens to work. 
>> If Debian is truly a non-profit organization, then why not put the
>> articles of incorporation on the website immediately. It just isn't
>> ethical to ask for donations without showing the public how the
>> organization is controlled, how officers and directors are elected and
>> exactly what the outlook is for changing the leadership should problems
>> arise.
>If you had brought your points in a more considered tone, people might 
>actually agree with you on some of these points.

If you, or these people you mention are so brain-damaged that they can't agree with 
something soley on it's merits but instead disagree soley and the way it was 
mentioned, then their opinion doesn't count very much for me.


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