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Re: Updating with dselect

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, Shaleh wrote:

> Paul mentioned this and I have been wondering -- what is the best
> procedure to update from an ftp via dselect?  How do I upgrade a package
> I already have installed?  I have only seen an add and a remove option. 
> Where is 'upgrade'?  I am now a month old Debian user and I still am
> impressed.  Great job guys, keep it up.

When you change your dselect access method to ftp, the next step is to
update the list of available packages. Dselect will get it from the ftp

After that, the select packages screen will show any installed packages
that have newer versions and the default action will be to upgrade them.
When you choose the install option, the new packages will be downloaded
and installed as replacements to the earlier versions.

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