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FW: ftp

From:  Lester P. Wang [SMTP:lpwang@stoner.sinet.com]
Sent:  Thursday, August 14, 1997 6:10 PM
To:  'debian-users@lists.debian.org'
Subject:  ftp

Hello all,
I am one of those people who converted from RedHat to Debian.  I have got a ppp server at my friends network which has
A connection to the internet.  I have a home network with a 486 that makes a ppp connection to my ppp server.  I can ping
http and ftp over this ppp connection from any of the computers on my home network.  I do seem to have one problem
though.  FTP seems to timeout if I ftp to a unix machine but not to an NT machine.  I can ftp to ftp.debian.org and ftp.wgs.com,
but I time out when trying to log in.  I can ftp to ftp.microsoft.com and my friend's NT server.  Is there something weird going on
or did I just mess something up?

Thanks for the help

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