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Re: Is this the Debian Philosophy? (or.... $#@!@#$ bash 2.0!)

Dear Jens and other Debianers:

> ...
>    "To support these goals, we will provide an integrated system of
>     high-quality, 100% free software, with no legal restrictions that
>     would prevent these kinds of use.
> I find that while the quality of distributions is generally "high"
> the emphasis from the developers is more on "let's get that hot new
> release going" rather than "let's get all the bugs out of this latest
> distribution and make it completely solid".

I'm currently using "old" S.u.S.E. Linux at home and going to
update it to ELF based new version of Linux. I would like to
know the main advantages of Debian Linux over other distributions
such as Red Hat, etc. Any idea?


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