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Re: gettyps, uugetty etc?

> Hi,
> Any pointer to info on the tty -vs- cua setup for modems? I just 
> installed Debian in place of Redhat (can I get an amen), and I used 
> to have to have two devices for one modem. ttyS1 for dial-in and cua1 
> for dialout. For dialout, I need it for PPP which works great, but 
> for UUCP from office to home, the modem refuses to pick up. I set up 
> all the sames stuff for uugetty, uucp and smail. Any pointers to FAQs 
> mailing lists etc will be much appreciated.

/dev/cua? has been obsoleted.  Long ago, it was used for dialout as you'd
experienced.  Among other things it caused grief for file locking -
specifically, how does one make sure that using /dev/ttyS1 prevents another
process from using /dev/cua1?

For a long time (haven't read the current docs) PPP's documentation specified
/dev/cua? as the port to use, even though it didn't work that way - you had
to use /dev/ttyS?.

The UUCP specific issues I'm not going to be much help on.  It's been many
moons since I've done UUCP setup - and then it was HDB (aka BNU).

> Thanks
> Miguel


PS	If this isn't a FAQ, it should be.  :)

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