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Re: /etc/init.d structure [long rant]

>>"Donovan" == Donovan Baarda <abo@minkirri.apana.org.au> writes:

Donovan> So excuse me if I have got this wrong, but does that mean
Donovan> going from run level 2 to run level 7 requires running all K*
Donovan> then S* in run level 3, then all K* then S* in run level 4,
Donovan> then all K* then S* in run level 5, ... all the way up to run
Donovan> level 7? And going from run level 4 down to 2 does the same
Donovan> in reverse?

Donovan> Doesn't this mean that with something that has an S* in
Donovan> runlevel 3,5,7 and a K* in 2,4,6, that it will be started,
Donovan> stopped, started, stopped... all the way through? What about
Donovan> going through a runlevel 5 which is for "power down"?
	You are hereby excused. *Nothing* has an S* in more than one
 level. A package is meant to be at a certain run level and higher. A
 level 3 package is started at run level 3, killed in run level 2, and
 at *no* other level. See how this works?

Donovan> why not just have the postinst script ask the user "what
Donovan> runlevels do you want this package to run at?" and provide
Donovan> sensible defaults. That frees the package maintainer from
Donovan> deciding what to clasify the package as, and allows the user
Donovan> to have his own customized runlevels.

	I think that punting this decision on to the user is bad
 design. Firstly, installing a large number of packages may well
 overwhelm a novice, secondly, there are ordering requirements between
 packages (potentialy) that the user may not be aware of, and thirdly,
 debugging and customer support are going to be a nightmare, with
 every system different from every other system.

	There _is_ a way of doing this style of rc right (though it
 would generate *lots* of debate on debian-devel [yummy]), and I think
 the devopers *can* get to a consensus on what belongs at each run
 level -- (we did get to agree on the required, important, optional
 and extra categories, didn't we?)

 who would be interested in hearing more about how other unices got
 rc.? right.
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