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Subject: Re: IP forwarding in 2.0.30 kernel??

G'day debianers,

I have now tried both kernel-image 2.0.29-7 and 2.0.30-7 in the stable
distribution for Debian 1.3.1, and neither have a kernel config file in
/boot, and neither seem to support IP forwarding. IP forwarding worked
fine with the old Debian 1.2 kernel image 2.0.27. 

I notice ipx support is a module and seems to create heap of ipx_* files
in /proc/net when it is loaded. I have no ip_* files in /proc/net at
all (as did someone else who posted an ls of their /proc/net), Has IP
forwarding been modularized in the same way and all I gotta do is load the
module (seems unlikely)?

Has IP forwarding been take out for some reason? Do I now have to compile
my own kernel for this? Should I put in a bug report? 


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