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Re: IDE for C++ on Linux (Debian)

> Hello there!
> I am looking for a good IDE for C/C++ development for Linux (Debian). 
> Something like Turbo C++ or better, either for X or not (if it could run
> from both would be nice :) )


It might not be as pretty, but it's an incredibly productive environment
once you know what you are doing.  All the best programmers in the world
that I look up to seem to swear by it (and have written parts of it).
> If there are other IDE for JAVA I would too like to know which one is 
> best :)

Some people are working on "FreeBuilder" - they have some big plans.


I tried it - not much yet.  Basically, they want to build it using
JavaBeans and the "swing" JFC classes - which Sun is still developing,
so development is sort of being held up.

 - Jim

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