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Re: Incorrect /usr/include/linux and /usr/src/linux sym-links

>>"Harmon" == Harmon Sequoya Nine <hnine@cc37450-a.strhg1.mi.home.com> writes:

Harmon> Hello.  A few problems I've encountered on installing the
Harmon> kernel source and headers.

Harmon> 1) If the source is installed first, then the headers, the
Harmon> /usr/src/linux symlink pointer to the headers directory
Harmon> instead of the source directory.

	Correct. The scripts asume you know what you are doing. For
 most users, it does not matter if kernel sources or headers are
 installed, or, if they are, what /usr/src/linux is pointing to. If
 you think this matter to you, this is likely a bug. In the off chance
 it isn't, then you should arrange your module not to depend on a link
 that is not guaranteed to exist.

	Please also read through /usr/doc/kernel-headers-X.X.XX/Readme* 
 before responding to this message.

Harmon> Perhaps a modification to the install scripts for these
Harmon> packages could be done:

Harmon> a) If the headers for a particular kernel are installed, then
Harmon> the installation script could see if the source for this
Harmon> kernel is installed.  If so, leave the /usr/src/linux symlink
Harmon> pointing at the source directory.  Otherwise, make it point at
Harmon> the headers\ directory.

	I would consider this if this were not, IMHO, a bug to require
 this to point to the kernel sources. 

Harmon> 2) Also, if the kernel headers or source is installed, then
Harmon> the /usr/include/linux directory should be a symlink to
Harmon> /usr/src/linux/include/linux.  This is most pertinent for
Harmon> compilation and insertion of experimental modules, for if
Harmon> /usr/include/linux is not a symlink as stated, then after the
Harmon> module is compiled, insmod on the module can result in "module
Harmon> compiled under wrong kernel version".

	This is most definitely a bug in the experimental modules. The
 Makefiles therein should be modified to respect a CFLAGS containing
 -I/var/tmp/linux/include/linux or whatever.

Harmon> To remedy this, it might be a good idea to move the original
Harmon> /usr/include/linux directory to
Harmon> /usr/include/linux.noKernelSource (or something like that) and
Harmon> then make /usr/include/linux a symlink to
Harmon> /usr/src/linux/include/linux whenever the kernel headers or
Harmon> source are installed. The opposite action could take place if
Harmon> all kernel header and source packages are purged.

Harmon> Hope my run-on sentences are understandable.  :-)

	Yup, they are, however, kernel compilation practice has
 advanced beyond what you advocate. 

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