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diald and netscape - unwanted connections

I run diald for connection to my ISP, using dynamically-assigned IP

I run Netscape 3.01, and Apache (but only for running dwww; not as
an external server.)

When I have been browsing out of my own domain, and shut down Netscape,
unwanted connections appear on the connection queue and cause the
modem connection to be kept up.  They do not appear before Netscape is

The current example says:


and was started with 2 minutes TTL.

( is www.exeter.ox.ac.uk, whose site I was looking at 10
hours before I exited Netscape; the other address is (I think) a dynamic
IP address which a previous session must have used.)

As soon as one of these expires, a new one gets started, so I have had to
block connections until it gives up and goes away completely, which
takes 15 minutes or more.

It is evident that Netscape is somehow responsible, but it is not running!
I cannot find out what process is doing this.  Can anyone suggest what
it is or how to find out?
Oliver Elphick                                Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk
Isle of Wight                                  http://lfix.co.uk/oliver

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