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Re: xforms

Just to let you know - I'm having the same problem.  I'm installing off LSL
"Official" Debian 1.3.1 CDROM set.

Anyone with a solution?


Kevin Traas   Baan Business Systems
Systems Analyst  Langley, BC, Canada
Kevin@Baan-BBS.CA  (604) 882-8169

 >Hehhh... I want to install xisp and....
># dpkg -i xisp_1.3-1.deb
>(Reading database ... 21024 files and directories currently installed.)
>Preparing to replace xisp 1.3-1 (using xisp_1.3-1.deb) ...
>Unpacking replacement xisp ...
>dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of xisp:
>xisp depends on xforms (>= 0.81-1); however:
>Package xforms is not installed.
># dpkg -l | grep xforms
>ii  xforms-dev      0.81-6         GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems
>ii  xforms0         0.81-6         GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems
>so... where can I find xforms but not xforms0 ?

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