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Re: splitting up the debian-user mailing list


On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> > > I am afraid that I am no longer capable of reading every article in
> > > the debian lists. I guess it's the price of success.

But then I don't neccessarily think you should. I think (personally) you
should help out on things that look interesting. I judge what is
interesting by the Subject line - if a poster isn't prepared to make is
descriptive enough, I won't read it.

> A third idea, make a debian-news.  A few debian people put together some
> pages each week summarizing the latest with debian.  It could be an
> outgoing list only, warning people of potential problems, new releases,
> security holes, packages that need maintainers, etc.  This way someone who
> can't handle the volume of all the list can still keep informed.

I think splitting up debian-user into seperate groups would just mean that
people would subscribe to all of them and send their message to all of
them in the hope that someone will help.

I like the idea of a debian-news mailing list, and would think it would be
a good idea to gate whatever it sent to it to the debian-user mailing
list. Perhaps the debian-news mailing list could become similiar to the
ApacheWeek <URL:http://www.apacheweek.com/> newsletter that gets sent out
every week.


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