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Re: splitting up the debian-user mailing list

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I am afraid that we have to get organized about this - have maintainers
> or power users "on duty" or something so that we are sure every message
> gets handled.

I could see one additional list at first, something like debian-help for
people that have problems with something and the current debian-users for
general information exchange.  Most might subscribe to the help list and
it would fee up the general discussion list for more in-depth discussion
of the pros and cons of different ideas.

To be honest, I would think that something like debian-help and
debian-install might make better newsgroups under linux.* than mailing
lists.  Folks could read and respond from places other than their
subscribed emailing address and articles do no fill a mailbox.

George Bonser
Why is it that the same people that tell us that manned space flight
is a waste of money also tell us that we have been visited by aliens?

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