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Debian-lite (Was Re: Debian and Red Hat and Slackware prevalence )

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>wanting to do it with a Slackware type install.  I have this idea that there
>could be a subset of Debian packages designed for a single user (home pc)
>work station.  The user could choose this option in dselect and get that type
>of installation.  Then it would be as simple as it is now to upgrade
>packages.  Instead of making a personal Linux distro just create a Debian

This sounds like a 'good idea'.  It would be nice to extract just the
packages needed to make a mini Debian that can be squeezed on a CD with
other stuff (see my email to debian-users about creating a CD for

Is there enough interest in doing this?  I guess we need a mailing list
and people with enough hard disk space and Debian experience to
experiment. (I have none of this but I am happy to help anyway I can).

Let's be clever and call it Debian-lite :-).

Please email me if

1) You are intrested in *using* such a (free) product.
2) You can help or have already done some work on this approach.

If this is already a work in progress please let me know.

If there is enough interest I will see about setting up an

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