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Re: what's the better mta?

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Adrian Bridgett wrote:

> I have just installed my own newsserver running inn. Why is cnews better?
> Less resource hungry? Easier to setup?

It is MUCH less resource hungry for a small site that must have its
systems wear many hats.  I use cnews+nntpd+msgidd (msgidd comes with nntpd
but you will have to recompile it to get msgidd support) on a system with
5 feed sites (using a slightly hacked version of nntplink) with 32MB of
RAM.  Granted, they are not fill feeds, comp, sci, misc, bit, linux, and a
few more but no alt.* to speak of.  There are even patches available with
nntplink to create a daemon version of relaynews but I have never used

George Bonser
Why is it that the same people that tell us that manned space flight
is a waste of money also tell us that we have been visited by aliens?

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