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Re: We should help this guy...

>> - -Does not need RockRidge
>IIRC, RockRidge only adds Unix filesystems semantics to ISO 9660. There is
>nothing in the install which depends on this AFAICT.

Using RockRidge is the only way to write  a Debian CD that I know about.

I had a CDR under Win95/NT.  The software I used there (Corel CDCreator 2.0
& Adaptec's EasyCD Pro?), didn't support RockRidge; therefore, I couldn't
write a Debian CD.

None of the formats either of these writers supported (ISO9660, Joliet,
etc.) allowed for multiple periods in file names.  Therefore, none of the
.DEB files were valid unless stored in MSDOS format.  i.e. DialD.DEB, etc.

This was all quite frustrating as I had a full mirror of all the binaries
which I wanted to write to CD; however, it wasn't possible.  (I couldn't use
this CDR under Linux, so that wasn't an option.)


Kevin Traas   Baan Business Systems
Systems Analyst  Langley, BC, Canada
Kevin@Baan-BBS.CA  (604) 882-8169

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