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Re: umsdos and df command

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Jim Foltz wrote:
> Anyway, it uses umsdos. I am using a bastardized version of
> /etc/init.d/boot and have prety much left the filesystem checking as it is
> by default. The umsdos filesystem (root) is mounted and sync'd ok, but the
> df command does not show that /dev/hda1 was mounted, although it obviously
> is because the system boots. 
> Can anyone offer a clue as to why this might be?

I ran slackware over umsdos just to try out linux, but I've since chucked
all the documentation away. I think what you observe is just a feature of
the way umsdos works. C:\LINUX gets promoted to / and C:\ is made visible
to linux as /DOS, IIRC. Quite where one would expect to see /dev/hda1
mounted is a complete mystery to me! (Presumably, you can't see /DOS/linux
either, even though you know C:\LINUX exists. I don't remember.)
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