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Re: dselect wigged out and everything's seg-faulting!


On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Joe Emenaker wrote:


>       ----- Broken Required packages -----
>       ------- Broken Required packages in section base -------
>   RC** Req base     ldso         1.9.2-3     1.9.4-1     
>    U** Req base     libc5        5.4.33-5    5.4.33-5    The Linux C
>    U** Req base     libreadline2 2.1-2.1     2.1-2.1     GNU readline and
>    U** Req base     libreadlineg 2.1-2.1     2.1-2.1     GNU readline and
>   RI** Req base     makedev      1.6-13      1.6-14      Creates special
>   RC** Req base     modutils     2.1.34-6    2.1.34-7    Linux module
>    C** Req base     ncurses3.0   1.9.9e-2    1.9.9e-2    Old libc5 curses
>    C** Req base     ncurses3.4   1.9.9g-3    1.9.9g-3    Video terminal
>       ----- Broken Standard packages -----
>       ------- Broken Standard packages in section admin -------
>    C** Std admin    ncurses-term 1.9.9g-3    1.9.9g-3    Video terminal
>       ------- Broken Standard packages in section base -------
>    U** Std base     libgdbm1     1.7.3-22    1.7.3-22    GNU dbm database
>       ------- Broken Standard packages in section devel -------
>   RC** Std devel    gcc   The GNU C
>    U** Std devel    libc5-altdev 5.4.33-5    5.4.33-5    The Linux C
>    C-- Std devel    libg++27-dev   The GNU C++
>   RI** Std devel    libg++272-db   The GNU C++

Here is where knowing how to use dpkg comes in handy. At this point I
would try installing libc5, and forget about libc6 so that I could get a
working machine once again. Try:

dpkg -i /var/path/to/libc_debian-file.deb

The ususal place (via ftp) is:


Take note of what dpkg complains and attempt to download those particulars
files by hand, and install them the same way. Once you have fixed up libc5
and ld.so you could then switch back to using dselect and see if that
helps to fix the problem. 

However I've often found that dselect will just it things wrong, and muck
the system up again and normally would use dpkg until dselect reported no
problems and then continue with it.

Good luck,

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