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Re: Host/nslookup, sendmail, bash

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997, Tessa Lau wrote:

> Also, does anyone know why Debian makes nslookup a wrapper for host,
> and how I can install a "real" version of nslookup?

the real nslookup is in the bind package. it should probably be
separated from that and either put into an nslookup package or included
in the dnsutils package.

> One more question: bash 2.0 doesn't appear to understand a command line
> which worked in bash 1.14:
> % /bin/bash -c '((xli foo.gif); echo bar) &'
> /bin/bash: -c: line 1: missing closing `)' for arithmetic expression
> /bin/bash: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `;'
> /bin/bash: -c: line 1: `((xli foo.gif); echo bar) &'
> A command like this is hardcoded into Netscape to launch an external
> image viewer as a helper application. Is this a bug in bash?

other people have explained why this happens, here's a solution for you:

try installing the ash package, and writing a netscape wrapper script which
looks something like:

    #! /bin/ash

    export SHELL

    exec /path/to/netscape -options -and-more-options

Then modify whatever it is that launches netscape (e.g. FVWM button bar) to
run the ash wrapper script instead.

(alternatively, name this script "netscape" and put it in the first
directory in the PATH)


craig sanders
networking consultant                  Available for casual or contract
temporary autonomous zone              system administration tasks.

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