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Re: xdm configuration

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.970728101111.25174A-100000@kristal.wpmills.com>,
W Paul Mills writes:
  >On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, E.L. Meijer (Eric) wrote:
  >> > 
  >> > In message <9707280310.AA17256@singa.math.nus.sg>, writes:
  >> > ...
  >> >   >Now I try to run xdm and it doesn't start.  I have a xdm-start 
  >> >   >line in my /etc/X11/config and on boot it reports that it is 
  >> >   >starting up xdm.  Manually `xdm start` or `xdm` do nothing. 
  >> >   >What else do I need to configure?
  >> > 
  >> > This is my /etc/X11/config:
  >> > 
  >> >   # This file contains configuration flags for the X Window System.
  >> >   # For a description of the meanings of the flags, see
  >> >   # /usr/doc/X11/debian.README
  >> > 
  >> >   run-xconsole
  >> >   obey-nologin
  >> >   allow-user-resources
  >> >   allow-user-modmap
  >> >   allow-user-xsession
  >> >   allow-failsafe
  >> >   start-xdm
  >> >   start-fs
  >> >   no-xdm-start-server
  >      ^^^
  >      I don't really know, but should this be
  >      xdm-start-server??

xdm-start-server allows your machine to manage X displays on other machines,
which is not what is wanted in this particular case.

  >> > 
  >> > run-xconsole may be the item you are missing?
  >> I don't think so, I have xdm running with run-xconsole commented out.
  >> That is no problem.  If you comment it out you just don't see all those
  >> error messages in the console window passing by :)

Sorry about that, Eric is right of course.
and in message <19970728103520.10517@mothra.rsn.hp.com>, Wesley Hart writes:
  >I had an identical experience setting up my 1.3 system:  I chose not to
  >enable xdm until after I had hand-tested my X config.  Then when I tried
  >to start it manually, it failed in the manner that you describe.
  >After fruitlessly looking at all of the xdm config files I could find, I
  >ended removing and reinstalling the xbase and xserver-svga packages.  A 
  >bit heavy-handed, but it got the job done.
  >In retrospect, I _think_ the problem was that the /etc/X11/xdm/Xserver
  >wasn't configured correctly.  I seem to recall seeing a
  >'debian-not-configured' comment in there before I did the reinstall.
  >I'm not at my debian system right now, but I'll take a look at this
  >tonight and see if I can reproduce the problem by tweaking this file.
Yes. When first installed, /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers contains nothing but
comments.  You  need a line like this

   linda:0.0 local  /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0

to enable xdm to manage your local display.

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