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Re: X-capable mail reader

>>>>> mark powers writes:

  mark> [...] GNUS has a lot of nice things about it, though I
  mark> don't think it does any sorting functions for MH
  mark> mail. (correct me if I'm mistaken here) Though, the nnmh
  mark> method works quite well if you have an external mail sorting
  mark> app (such as procmail). I haven't tried GNUS/nnmh with slocal,
  mark> so I can't speak to that. [...]

I'm unsure about the meaning of "sorting functions".  If this means
sorting different mails into different folders depending on their
headers, then Gnus can do that easily.  If this means affecting the
order of displaying messages, that can be done, too, but it is fairly

Example for former meaning of mail sorting with Gnus:

;; slightly edited
(setq nnmail-split-methods
       (list "auto.bbdb" "x-Loop:.*info-bbdb@xemacs.org")
       (list "auto.ctwm" "sender:.*owner-ctwm")
       (list "auto.ding" "\\(to\\|cc\\):.*ding@ifi.uio.no")
       (list "auto.ding" "\\(to\\|cc\\):.*ding@gnus.org")
       (list "auto.debian"
       (list "auto.debian-doc"
       (list "auto.fvwm" "sender:.*owner-fvwm")
       (list "mail.misc" "")))

This means, that mail with the specified X-Loop header goes in the
auto.bbdb folder, mails sent by owner-ctwm goes in auto.ctwm and so
on.  All mail that doesn't match anything else goes in mail.misc.

I just use the simple mechanism, there is a "fancy" mechanism, too,
which can do all kinds of things.  Such as putting some mail into
several groups.

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