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Re: exmh mail?

exmh uses mh to actually process mail.  The mh that comes with debian
requires sendmail. If you want to get your mail directly from your ISP,
you have to do it manually with mh (due to a BUG in mh dealing with .netrc
files) -- However, there is a version of nmh that has been packaged for
debian (although I haven't gone looking for it yet, so I'm not sure which
part of which distribution it is in).

If you choose to use mh, you need to run (Oh rats, brain failure--begins
with the letter "f" and replaces the popclient program) to pull the mail
from your ISP into your /var/spool/mail/USERID mailbox.  Once the mail is
there, mh/exmh can read it into your personal space.

If you want to file mail messages into different folders based on some
characteristic of the mail, mh provides the slocal command which works
with a .maildelivery file in your home directory to do this. It is not as
functional as procmail, but it works.


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