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Re: exmh mail?

In message <33D9C83F.6614F8A5@cfw.com>, writes:
  >Hello All,
  >I'm using the debian package exmh.  Only connected to an ISP with pop3
  >mail using PPP.  Do not get incoming mail into the ~/Mail/inbox
  >directory.  Haven't tried outgoing mail.
  >Mail works fine using Netscape Communicator but I would like to switch
  >to exmh.
  >Read the docs but there's so much info there I didn't know where to
  >start, but then I'm easily confused. :)
  >Is there a mail setup to get mail going to the right places?
  >What must I configure to get exmh mail working?

exmh is an add-on to mh, which also needs to be installed and configured.
In addition, mh as packaged for Debian requires sendmail rather than
smail.  If you choose to recompile it, you can change this.

mh does not *automatically* put mail into inbox; the inc command is used
to read mail from the system mailbox (/usr/spool/mail/...).  exmh has
an inc button; it also runs inc automatically when it is started.

If you want your mail split into different directories before you read
it, you need to use something like procmail.

There's a  lot to read about, but do persist; exmh is a nice piece of

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