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Re: Uh oh! After dselect installed the new kernel... the system does not boot...


On Fri, 25 Jul 1997, David M wrote:

> Guess what?  I used dselect to install a few (well quite a few) packages 
> including the kernel sources and utilities.  As it requested me to 
> compile the new 2.0.30 kernel I replied yes.  All went ok till I rebooted!
> Now just as I get to the lilo prompt all I get is 
> 01 01 01 01....
> for ever and ever, nonstop.
> I guess I'll have to revert back to the old kernel.  I have some idea on 
> how to do that but I would like some expert advise so that I don't 
> "damage" the system even more ;)  I would say that changing the symlinks 
> to point to boot/<the old kernel> should work... right?

Your problem is most likely that you didn't rerun lilo when replacing the
kernel.  Lilo needs run everytime you change a kernel image.

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