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Re: naming convention question

>>"jghasler" == jghasler  <jghasler@win.bright.net> writes:

jghasler> Buddha Buck writes:
>> Thus there are two good reasons why the distribution _name_ (be it
>> rex or bo or unreleased-1.3) shouldn't change.
>> Because of that, it is good to choose names that don't reflect the
>> release status of the distribution.

jghasler> But why is it good to choose names that don't reflect
jghasler> *anything*?  

 a) So that no one makes any assumptions about the release, apart
    from what the symlinks say
 b) Because we feel the names do reflect something (not necessarily
    technical), and this bit of whimsy pleases my muse.
 c) why not?
 d) We like Toy story, Pixar, and our fearless leader
 e) We had other pressing concerns than endlessly arguing about names
 f) just because.

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