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Re: netscape communicator error

Markus M. Schneider wrote:
> > > Netscape error: no valid encryption policy file was found for this
> > > english language version of communicator.  all encryption and
> > decrytion
> > > will be disabled.
> I copied the file "policyMoz40P1.jar" from the
> communicator-v401b6-export.x86-unknown-linux2.0.tar.gz file into my
> ~/.netscape/ directory.

I finally wound up doing a chown from root to vtorrico on the file
/home/vtorrico/.netscape/policyMoz40P1.jar which seems to solve it for me.  Of
course I'm only using PPP through an ISP so permissions are not a big deal with
me.  All incoming networking stuff is disabled so no one should be able to mess
with my files.

Thanks for your information which put me on the right path.


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