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Re: Installing from a pile of floppys

> I've just installed Debian 1.3.1 on a 386SL laptop and everything is Ok
> for the base system. But now I would like to install some big packages
> with big .deb files that don't fit in a single floppy. Is there some
> preferred procedure for doing this?
>  (I have some clues: use a MsDOS partition to install form and dump the
> files zipped in several floppies, use some PLIP or SLIP to link to
> another computer, but all of these sound a bit hard for me. I'm pretty
> sure that somebody else has faced this problem before. Any advice?

believe me, having done it both ways, it's easier to do from the msdos
partition if you can get the files there.  much easier :)

just put all of the .deb files in c:\, the root dos directory, while in

then from linux, 

mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mount    [assumming hda1 is the dos partion]
cd /mount
dpkg -i *deb

and you're in business


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