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XFree86 3.3 problems

Having switched to 3.3 when it became available on stable, I at first
was disabled by xdm coming up, crashing, and respawning in an endless
loop. I've reapired that with my resq disk (by removing
/etc/rc3.d/S20xdm) and by editing /etc/X11/XF86Config am now able to run
X using startx at 640x480. I'd been running at 800x600, however, and X
as it now stands is very near useless (this mail is being sent using
Netscape/W$95). BTW, it was the 'Option  "linear"' line that finally
made X 'work'.  Can anyone provide me a clue to get my Trident
tgui9440agi back in business @800x600? I know I could adjust .x* files
to make things usable at 640x480, but it's not a solution that I relish.

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