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Re: Xfree86-3.3 and S3V

Bob Clark wrote:
> A couple of months ago I convinced a friend
> (dmbarr@orci.com) to change over from slackware to debian;
> and in turn convinced some other people to do the same.  He
> was impressed (as I knew he would be) with debian until...
> he upgraded to Xfree-3.3, now X no longer works.  He's got
> an S3V card and I remember seeing other posts to this list
> about similar problems.  The archives at ftp.debian.org
> don't have July postings yet and I didn't find anything in
> the June archive.
> Would someone be so kind as to post (re-post?) some possible
> solutions.  I thought a downgrade to 3.2 would do the trick
> but it seems the 3.2 pakages are gone.

Try redoing 'xf86config'. I have an s3 (#9 771) card and X did not work
first time for me.  All I did was go through xf86config and save it as
normal and it worked.  Seems to go a bit faster as well, maybe the
definitions of the card(s) have been improved ??


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