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Re: checking that xfs is working

> All the info you need is hiding in the man pages.  You just need
> to figure out which ones.  The following is what I found:

I may be asking the wrong questino here :)   Before I reinstalled this
week, xfs was always running.  After reinstall, it isn't.  But then, i
also had xfree3.3 then, as well. I'm wondering if xfs *should* be
running under a default setup.  If it should, i need to fix, preferably
to debian default.  If not, it would seem that I need to make the
adjustments to handle it (ulp :).

with macbsd, i had to manually launch xfs, then xdm (never could get the
rc stuff to do both of them).  SPecifically what I'm observing:

macbsd, no xfs, running lyx on a alpha:  long freeze.
above, with xfs on local machine:  no freeze; system usable while 
   xfs hogs cycles

at alpha:   fast :)

linux, no xfs:  lyx locally, no xfs, long freeze
above, same lyx on alpha:  no freeze, but sluggish a while.

if I telnet to another machine, and launch an xapp on my display,
shouldn't it be using the local font server, if any, unless told


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