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Serious problem with adduser_3.4

I have the following problem with this version of adduser. Here's what I
get when I try to add a user to my system:

# adduser adams
Adding user adams...
Selecting from 1000 29999
Adding new group adams (1037).
groupadd -g 1037 adams
Adding new user adams (1037) with group adams.
useradd -d /home/adams -g adams -s /bin/bash -u 1037 adams
useradd: unknown group adams
adduser: `useradd -d /home/adams -g adams -s /bin/bash -u 1037 adams'
returned error. Aborting. 

# tail -2 /etc/group

As you can see, "adams" is added after the NIS entry and then "useradd"
can't see it. Is this a bug?

Pedro I. Sanchez

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