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Re: nobody is running find at too high a priority

> Any time more than a very small minority of users are unable to get what
> they need from the documentation it has failed.  The failure may be due to
> an insoluble problem (such as documenting all possible ppp schemes) but it
> is failure nonetheless.

Ok, then why not adopt some default standard (Say PAP like windows does)
that you MAY CHANGE but for newbies, asks them what the phone number is,
what their password is and username and then sets the darned thing up to
act like Win95 does on a PPP login so that any ISP that supports Windows
DUN by default (this is about 100% of US providers and probably a very
large percentage of the rest of the world) also supports Debian in ITS
default configuration.

Just have the system ask "Would you like to set PPP up like Win95 DUN" or
something and if you say no, it just leaves things like they are.

George Bonser
If I was in charge of the world, things would be a lot better (for me).

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