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Re: Toshiba laptop resume mode

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Bill Moran wrote:

> I am trying to install debian on a Toshiba laptop 410 CS and am having
> trouble making resume mode work. When I try to resume the computer
> hangs.

I have a Toshiba Satellite T2130CT; I don't know how much that differs
internally from yours.

Suspend/resume works wonderfully.  I just close the cover and it suspends. 
I had to go back to the Dos partition and enable it with the Windows
Control Panel.  Mine also has that function on the keyboard, but I forget
which of the function-key icons is for suspend (could it be the lock? or
the water faucet? or the suitcase?). 

Does the screen show where you left off and then it hangs, or what does it
show on the screen when you restart?  If I leave my computer suspended and
unplugged for three days or so, I get a blank screen saying "RESUME
FAILURE".  I then press a key and it reboots.  Naturally the filesystems
don't get unmounted cleanly when it dies, so fsck complains, but I have
not had any major problems with it.

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