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Re: Off-topic: Making ALT be the META key

"David R. Kohel" <kohel@singa.math.nus.sg> writes:

> Did anyone come up with a solution to this one?
> Is this controlled by emacs of X keymapping (or both)?
> I had the same problem (with emacs) until it spontaneously corrected
> itself.
> David
> >   I recently installed XEmacs, and would like to have it recognize my ALT
> > key as the META key (which I thought was supposed to be the default, but
> > isn't on my machine). I played around with xmodmap some, but didn't
> > accomplish anything useful. This is an i386 platform, so the HP fixes for
> > it won't help :) Thanks.
I think it's configurable in the XF86Config file. In mine there are this
# To set the LeftAlt to Meta, RightAlt key to ModeShift, 
# RightCtl key to Compose, and ScrollLock key to ModeLock:

    LeftAlt     Meta
    RightAlt    ModeShift
#    RightCtl    Compose
#    ScrollLock  ModeLock
By default, all lines were commented out. Uncomment the first one (the second
is for german keyboards, I think) and try out, if it works.

Hope it helps                    Joachim

Joachim Trinkwitz                            email: jtr@uni-bonn.de
CIP-Pool Anglistik, Germanistik,             phone: 0228-737565
      Romanistik, Skandinavistik             fax:   0228-737479
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet   Am Hof 1d,  D-53113 Bonn,  Germany

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