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Re: default fonts and the x server

Matthew wrote:

>i just updated my system (dselect) and several x-related files were
>updated, including xbase, vga & svga servers, fonts, etc. i am using
>xinside's AcceleratedX with a Matrox Mystique video card.
Same here, AccelX 2.1 and Matrox Millenium for the record...

>since i updated, when i attempt startx, i get the following error
>failed to set default font path  (lists 4 font paths which do all exist)
>Fatal server error:
>could not open default font 'fixed'
Yup, same here, even though "fixed" exists in the alias file all nice
and well as far as I can tell...

>any suggestions?
Yeah, I'd like to hear some, too.
I'm pretty baffled as to how it happened and pretty pissed that it did.
Using MH in the absence of exmh is a truly painfull experience. ^_^;;

I wonder why the XFree maintainer doesn't do (eventually remote)
compatibility checks against AccelX and other add-on components, I'm sure
there a large number of users here who would be glad to help. And 
equally glad to not see the symlink killed every time a new version of
XFree gets install...



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