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Re: ne.o: invalid signature

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Tonight I ran into a problem which I have solved some time ago, but
> dunno how.
> When booting Linux, the NE2k driver recognizes the card, but then
> writes: "invalid signature, got 42 42".
> Now the question is: What to do?

>From the Ethernet-HOWTO:

  3.3.  Poor NE2000 Clones

  Here is a list of some of the NE-2000 clones that are known to have
  various problems. Most of them aren't fatal. In the case of the ones
  listed as `bad clones' -- this usually indicates that the cards don't
  have the two NE2000 identifier bytes. NEx000-clones have a Station
  Address PROM (SAPROM) in the packet buffer memory space.  NE2000
  clones have 0x57,0x57 in bytes 0x0e,0x0f of the SAPROM, while other
  supposed NE2000 clones must be detected by their SA prefix.

  This is not a comprehensive list of all the NE2000 clones that don't
  have the 0x57,0x57 in bytes 0x0e,0x0f of the SAPROM. There are
  probably hundreds of them. If you get a card that causes the driver to
  report an `invalid signature' then you will have to add your cards
  signature to the driver. The process for doing this is described




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