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Re: using cable modem with Debian?

Is there a DHCP server assigned by your cable company?  If so, I would use
the DHCP client software.   My roomates and I have a cable modem, and use
a linux box ( unfortunately running RedHat because it was set up before I
moved in *gag* ) as a firewall, so we can run ethernet to all of our
computers.  We haven't had any problems with loss of network, unless our
service provider was having problems.  The only difference I can see is
that we have a static IP, compared to your dynamic.  I think people
running these other linux box's might not be running a DHCP client, so
eventually there connection would die.  

There isn't anything special to networking with cable modems, since
linux/windows only looks at the network card.  Making sure that your
network card and network configurations are set up properly should do it.
Loss of network would come into play for instance with DHCP or if your
service provider has problems ( TCI is noted for this at times ).  Hope
this helps out.


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On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Bob Billson wrote:

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> Subject: using cable modem with Debian?
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> Since I'll be installing 1.3 on my brother's machine this Tuesday, I have
> a question about cable modems.  Though not strictly limited to Debian, I
> thought some folks here might have already gone down this road. 
> My brother got a net connection from our local cable company.  The tech
> who came to install the software (Win95) even knew about Linux and how to
> pronounce it correctly (wow!)  He said they did have some problems with
> get Linux to work.  The connections would just die random.  Since he
> wasn't really well versed in Linux he didn't mention the important details
> like which distribution or even kernel version.
> What I need to know for Tuesday is how to get Debian to work with the
> cable modem.
> The modem is connected to the cable company all the time.  The IP address
> is dynamically assigned.  Even if the connection goes down for a short
> while, the same IP address is used when the connection comes back up.  The
> output of the modem goes to an Ethernet card in the machine. 
> I'll be using diald, unless there is a good reason not to.  Beyond this
> I'm not sure how to go.  I saw a DHCPD (or was it DHCPCD?) client as one
> of the .deb packages.  My brother said this sounded like what the cable
> modem uses now talking to Win95.  Should we install this for Debian?  If
> so, how to get it going? 
> Any help will be most welcome.  Thanks!
> 	Bob
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