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Re: mc problem

On  5 Jul, Paul Seelig wrote:
>> Not so fast.  <g>  When I hit Enter on /CONTENTS I get
>>   /..                                    0
>> and that's it.
> Uh oh! That's strange! :-(
> So now we need to know all the hairy details: Do you have the latest
> 'dpkg' installed? I use version and it works fine with MC.
> What about 'tar' and 'gzip'?  You see, i'm only poking a little around
> in the dark...

I also have this strange /CONTENTS   0  problem.
I can view the content of INFO though. For paul's mc pachage it gives:
new debian package, version 2.0.
size 487000 bytes: control archive= 1151bytes.

Then some lines about
confiles, control, postinst, postrm, prerm

Then the package desciption.

My config:

paul's unofficial mc 4.0 package
ii  perl            5.004-1       
ii  libc6           2.0.3-4        (don't know if it matters)
ii  dpkg        
ii  gzip            1.2.4-14      
ii  tar             1.12-1        

Perl gives me these starnge locales problems, so I see, that some perl
script is started.

I hope someone has a idea what the problem is...


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