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Please but more bugs in Debian Linux ;-)


Hi, could you please put more bugs into Debian Linux?

I installed it on a 386 or was it a 486 at the university and
connected to the network via ethernet card on the first try. That base
system booted, I did a ping somehost.domain.de and it worked!!!! 

Thats way to easy. Could I please have some nasty installation
problems and bugs and such back? I want to pay $100 for a software and
have bugs, and now I pay nothing and have no bucks. What do I get? ;-)

(Hey, dont take this serious;-)

If I remember trying to get Windows 95 to the same point...
headaches... But unfortunately they do install Win95/Novell for the
new computer pool for the students of education. I tried to persuade
them to use Linux, but failed. 

So: Thank you, thank you, thank you all who develop Linux and Debian
Linux for doing such a great job!!! (AmigaOS/p.OS and Unix/Linux are
the best OSes;-)

A question I have anyway: The 386 or 486 has a Microsoft Serial Port
Compatible mouse. I couldnt try a working driver module for that one.
Microsoft Bus mouse did not work, PS/2 mouse did not work... I tried
every mouse driver that has been in the list... any ideas?

|_| _ |o _  _  Martin Steigerwald
| |(/_||(_)_>  http://home.pages.de/~helios

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