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Re: mh in a POP environment

Stephen Witt wrote:

> Does mh POP work OK?  Should I use one of the other POP packages
> available to transport the mail locally and then use mh from there?

`inc' can use POP, although I've never tried that.

I use two programs on different machines:

 - fetchpop:  I use this at home.  Simply invoke it and it prompts
              once for `mail host' `username' and `password' and writes
              it's own rc file.  By default it doesn't dlete the mail
              at the other end, simply marking it as read so it doesn't
              get downloaded twice.

              I use this at home to suck in mail from work through PPP, 
              but like to keep the original spool mail intact at home.  
              The next work day, MH's inc will suck it *all* in so I never 
              loose anything.

 - fetchmail: This is a standard Debian package.  Uses whatever protocol
              you want and deletes mail on the spool file by default. 
              I'm using this here to fetch my `corporate' mail from the
              NT server (I wouln't want to use MS Exchange!).

The nice thing about these programs is that mail is delivered to the SMTP
port, so mail goes on the spool file.  Any mail reader can take it from
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