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Re: AGAIN: Help please: /dev/printer disappeared

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Rolf Obrecht wrote:

> Hello,
> Due to my impatience, I purged the old "base"-package after upgrading to
> 1.3 (it was listed as "obsolete" in dselect) without looking at it's
> contents first :-(
> Unfortunately, it contained all(?) device files in /dev; as a result,
> the machine didn't boot anymore since it was "unable to open an initial
> console". Booting from rescue disk, mounting the harddrive to /target and
> extracting the previously (on a different machine) generated tar file
> containing the device-files solved the problem, but: /dev/printer still
> doesn't exist.
> Calling "MAKEDEV printer" only gives me "MAKEDEV: out of space for
> devices".
Sounds like the disk if full.

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