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netbios equiv. of ipxripd


	I've a Debian box configured (at least I think) as a server
for 2 subnets (it has 3 ether cards). The subnets are assigned 
reserved number (I've IP-masquerading working). Also, my DOS/Win3.x 
machines can access the Novell server transparently with ipxripd.
	Is there some similar daemon for netbios, so my win3.x
machines can access a NT server in the backbone (connected with
the 3rd card)? I can't also connect 2 machines on different subnets,
because the netbios protocol isn't propagated to all cards.

                             | eth1   eth2
                       Linux/Samba --------Internet------------
                             | eth0      |
---Win3.x----Win3.x----------|           |---NT server
                                         |--Novell servers

	Any help is welcome!

   Mario O.de Menezes                mailto:mario@curiango.ipen.br 
 | Nuclear and Energetic Research Institute - IPEN-CNEN/SP  BRAZIL | 
 |     http://curiango.ipen.br/~mario  - -   http://www.ipen.br    |

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