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Re: Problem with mtab?

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> This is what I have in my /etc/init.d/boot, version
>   rm -f /etc/mtab~ /etc/nologin
> So according to this, /etc/init.d/boot should take care of removing 
> /etc/mtab~ during the boot.

That'll solve the problem, but not the cause. The /etc/mtab~ file
is a lock file for mount, and mount should delete it itself.

> Sylvain Briole <sbriole@nathalie.eclice.org> wrote:
> >
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > I use Debian 1.2/Linux 2.0.29.
> > I have three partitions on my hard disk :
> > 
> > /dev/hda1 : linux
> > /dev/hda2 : linux swap
> > /dev/hda3 : ms-dos 6.22
> > 
> > And I have a problem with the mount command :
> > 
> > nathalie# mount /hda3/
> > can't lock lock file /etc/mtab~: timed out

Apparently your mount eigher doesn't exit properly (maybe it's trying
to mount nfs volumes in the background?), or it's killed for
some other reason.

What does:
  $ ps -ax|grep [m]ount
output on your system (is mount still running)?

And during boot, when the "mount -avt" comes, what does mount say?
(or maybe there are other mount calls, like the nfs mount one.).

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org
#!/usr/bin/perl -sp0777i<X+d*lMLa^*lN%0]dsXx++lMlN/dsM0<j]dsj
$/=unpack('H*',$_);$_=`echo 16dio\U$k"SK$/SM$n\EsN0p[lN*1
#what's this? see http://www.dcs.ex.ac.uk/~aba/rsa/

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