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Re: man permissions

I wrote

> After installing 1.3, man failed to work for ordinary users:
>  > man bash
>  man: can't create a temporary filename: No such file or directory  
> The permissions on /tmp were:
> drwxr-xr-t   4 root     root         1024 Jun 25 16:47 tmp
> so I changed them to:
> drwxrwxrwt   2 root     root         1024 Jun 25 16:51 tmp
> This fixes it anyway.  Is this okay?  

joost witteveen wrote:
> What's not OK is that the permissions were wrong in the
> first place.
> Do you remember anything interesting about your install? Anything
> that could have triggered this?

I used deslect to install, so that was plain.  But the installation was a
tar torture test because I installed to /dev/sda5, then copy it over to

 tar lcf - / | ( cd /mnt ; tar xvf -)

then copied to a new temporary primary partition /dev/sda2 so I could
change the boundaries on the extended partition.  When I was happy with the
end of the disk, I then I copied Debian over to the new logical partition.
I fixed my primaries like I wanted and copied Debian a last time to
/dev/sda3.  It booted at every one of these stages (just edit fstab
and run lilo in preparation, ot rdev a kernel on a floppy).
So I ran this tar copy 4 times...  Still, that *should* not be a problem.

"Scott K. Ellis" wrote:
> This is frequently a relic of unpacking archives directly into /tmp.  This
> may inadvertantly change the permissions of the directory, causing the
> problems observed.  Doing dpkg -x pkgname /tmp would do that.  Create a
> temporary directory to unpack the archive into.

I used dselect to install, so... I dunno.
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