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Re: Problem with sendfax?

Jens B. Jorgensen writes:

> > Check your config files in /etc/mgetty, are you sure that you
> > have a fax modem?  I'm not a modem expert but I seem to remember
> > that there are some modems that cannot fax - or at least cannot
> > fax at level 3 which is needed for sendfax (USR SportSter might
> > be such a modem).

> Actually, the problem with fax modems and sendfax is not generally
> that they can't handle >>group<< 3 fax files, but that they don't
> support Class 2 or Class 2.0 fax transmission. My fax-modem only

Err, that's what I tried to say/remember.  I'm not a modem expert...

> supports Class 1. I use mgetty and although since it does not support
> Class 1 I cannot receive faxes, I can send them easily with the
> excellent efax package.

Sendfax can only handle Class 2, IIRC Class 1 is time critical which
cannot guaranteed under unix.

> That said, your problem may not be that it doesn't support class
> 2/2.0 (which mgetty requires, as I have stated). Since you have 
> logging turned on ('-x 5') why don't you post the log here? You should
> find it in /var/log/mgetty.
> NOTE: USR Sportster (at least my 28.8) supports class 1 & 2.0. If you
> want to see what classes your modem supports, get into a COM program
> (in DOS/Win/Linux doesn't matter) and give your modem the command:
> It should print a list of what classes it supports.

Ah, interesting, hopefully I'm also allowed to use minicom, cu or
kermit as I have Linux installed and I'm not going to install Dos :-)
Fine, it can handle 2.0, too.  I might want to expand our Fax service.
Thanks a lot!!!



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